I left France at the age of 18 and made Canada my new home. It has been 33 years since I made the move. I met my husband here and started my new life.   


My love for animals was always present and grew stronger as I spend my years here.  This country is rich in its wildlife and resources and deserves the respect and admiration of its beauty.


My love of animals is reflected in the work that I create.  It is my hope that the piece that you commission shows my sincere appreciation for the special bond that we share with our animals. 



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Graphite and coloured pencils and paper are the only tools of my trade. My technique consists simply of artistically reproducing the given subject while staying as true to the original photo.


It is disciplined work which requires passion and patience. These types of detailed compositions take several weeks and demonstrate the real value of this technique.   


As the artwork takes shape the personality and soul of the subject shines through.